Novasyn has an extensive production facility including an
R&D laboratory and pilot facility within its main plant.

Our Mission

Novasyn Organics is dedicated to the development of innovative technologies in pyridine chemistry. Appropriately, we attach particular importance to continuous investments into both personnel and capital. Our Facilities allow us the flexibility to produce a wide range of compounds in pyridine chemistry from Gram quantities to hundreds of kilos. We maintain versatile kilo, pilot and large scale manufacturing capabilities to complement our research and development laboratory.

New compounds are being produced regularly and our chemists are always ready to discuss your projects. Novasyn Organics tries to ensure that effective working relationships are established with our customers to enable accurate and confidential information exchange to be implemented at all times. Many confidentiality agreements have already been established with our clients. We have extensive experience working with routine to specialized preparations.

ISO 9001 : 2015